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Indian food tips and tricks to cook healthy food

Do you love Indian food but don’t have enough time to cook your curries? These Indian food tips and tricks will help you cook food and save some time. Indian cuisine is cumbersome, however, these food tips will help you save some time. Indian food is a traditional cuisine with its roots in centuries of […]

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How to blend without a blender?

Blenders are an essential part of the modern kitchen. Cooking without blenders seems almost impossible. What if your blender stops working, or you have to blend a tiny portion for baby food? Let us find out how to blend without a blender. I know that sometimes it can be hard to get out of your […]

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How to store mashed avocado?

Avocado is one of the healthiest and most popular foods in the world. But, unfortunately, it is also a food that can go bad quickly. The best way to keep an avocado from going bad is to store it properly. Do you know you can store mashed avocado without it getting brown? Here are the […]

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Can an instant pot explode? Tips to avoid this.

The Instant Pot is a popular pressure cooker that has been around for less than a decade. However, the appliance has found its way into over 20 million homes worldwide in that short time. The device was initially designed to replace entire kitchen appliances, allowing users to cook meals from scratch in minutes from anywhere […]

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Can I use expired olive oil?

Can I use expired olive oil

We all know that olive oil is healthy. To prepare healthy meals, you bought a large amount of olive oil. Looking at that big packaging, you may be thinking, what if this olive oil expires before using? You may be asking yourself, can I use the expired olive oil? The answer is,  it depends on […]

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