Foodandkitchenappliances is a place where you will find the best ways to cook or preserve your food so that you don’t waste any food. Here I provide information to cook simple food at home and save the dishes to use later.

I am a food technologist and love everything related to food. Food preservation methods and the chemistry of food give me immense pleasure. I want to share the intricacies of food through chemistry with everybody but hold my urge to write complex formulas to keep things simple.😊

As a food technologist, food is my passion! I love exploring food chemistry and discussing food trends. What’s even better, is writing about food – I get to turn all of my food explorations into something tangible and share it with everyone. When a recipe works out perfectly or an experiment has surprisingly delightful results, I just have to get it on paper! Inviting others to join me on this food adventure is the icing on the cake.

Most of the recipes I cook are learned from my mother or one of my friends. I love to cook dishes that can be made in a single pan or skillet. It saves my time as I have to wash fewer dishes.

Our mission

Our mission is to make cooking simple and enjoyable. In these fast times, it is difficult to find time for cooking food at home. I want to share with you how I cook and eat home-cooked food every day.

I have a tendency to cook more than required by my small family. Exploring different preservation methods helps me in minimizing wastage.

Happy cooking and enjoy your meals.


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