Cold-brew is gaining a lot of popularity among coffee drinkers. I love the taste and flavors of cold brew. In this method, coffee flavors and acids are extracted by steeping the coffee beans in cold water for 12-24 hours.

Is it okay to heat cold brew coffee?

Yes, it perfectly okay to heat cold brew coffee. There may be a slight change in the flavor profile and taste, but you may not even notice it. Use hot water to heat the coffee instead of directly heating the cold brew coffee.

Is it okay to heat cold brew?

Methods to heat the cold brew

There are a few methods you can use to heat your cold brew. I prefer not to heat cold brew directly on heat as this may change the coffee’s taste and chemical composition.

Adding hot water over the coffee concentrate is the right way to make a hot-cold brew coffee.

Here are some of the ways you can drink cold brew hot : 

1. Using hot water

If you want to drink warm coffee instead of a cold one, add some boiling water to the cold brew. It will not make it super hot, but you can enjoy warm coffee.

Cold-brew is more concentrated than traditional coffee, so adding water will not change the taste too much. There is a very slight change in the flavor and the taste when you heat your cold brew by this method.

The actual process is like this:

  • Boil water in a kettle.
  • Pour that water in a cup prior to making the coffee( this will raise the temperature of the cup)
  • Discard the hot water from the cup
  • Add the cold brew concentrate
  • Pour hot boiling water over it. 

You have your hot cup of coffee made from the cold brew.

2. Heating coffee in a hot water bed

I love this method as you can heat the water on the gas stove and keep your coffee in that water. Hot water will heat the coffee.

Your coffee will not come in direct contact with the heat. Heating directly can burn the coffee, which changes the flavor profile of the coffee.

3. Heating directly on the stove

I am not a big fan of heating coffee directly on the stove, but if you are in a hurry and want to save some time, heat your cold brew coffee directly on the gas stove in a saucepan.

Pro tip: Heat the coffee by stirring it with a spoon or spatula, and don’t let it sit. It will save the coffee from getting burnt by coming in contact with the direct heat.

4. Heating in a microwave

Use this one as a last resort. Heating the cold brew in a microwave can change the chemical composition of the coffee. It may change the flavor of the coffee.

Types of changes when you heat the cold brew

There will be some changes in the flavors and taste due to chemical reactions taking place while heating the cold coffee brew. 

While heating the coffee, more quinic and caffeic acid is produced which makes the coffee bitter and astringent flavor.

Does heating cold brew change the taste of the coffee?

As we have discussed, the taste and flavor of cold brew are milder due to the process. Heating the cold brew will not bring a substantial change in the taste and flavor. For instance, you will not even notice it if you are like me.

If you have a very delicate palate and can recognize the slightest change, only you will notice the change.

The difference in the taste of cold brew and hot brew

There is a difference in brewing coffee in both methods. Hot brew coffee is brewed using hot water. You will need some other apparatus also. But cold brew requires only cold, clean water and coffee beans.

Taste and flavor profile of a cold brew

The taste of the cold brew is a bit different than the hot brew. It is sweeter, less acidic, and milder than the hot brew. Though the taste and flavor of the cold brew are not that prominent, it will not change dramatically later with time, as in hot coffee.

You can drink your cold brew even the next day without noticing any change in the taste and flavor profiles.

Moreover, if you want to reap the benefits of coffee without adding any creamer or milk,  and you could not stand the bitterness of cold coffee, go for cold brew.

Does heating cold brew make it acidic?

The answer to this question is NO. Acidity in coffee is directly related to the time coffee beans come in contact with the heat. In the cold brew method, coffee is extracted from coffee beans by using cold water.

Heating the cold brew may change the flavor and taste a little bit, but it doesn’t affect the coffee’s acidity.

Can you microwave cold brew coffee?

Yes, you can microwave cold brew coffee. Just add a little water to your cup of joe and heat it in the microwave. It is the quickest method to heat the coffee. There may be a slight change in the taste and flavor profile.

These changes occur due to chemical reactions that take place during heating the coffee. 


We can conclude that cold brew coffee can be heated, and you can drink a hot-cold brew. Taste and flavor changes are not that prominent if you make it the right way. 

Direct heating can change the acidity and flavor profile, but pouring the hot water into the cold brew coffee concentrate can help keep the taste and flavor intact.

Is it okay to heat cold brew

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