How do you like your coffee? With milk, black, or with creamer? I cannot drink black coffee, and I’m not too fond of creamers sold in the market. So now I have to find out how to make coffee taste better without creamer?

Adding milk is an option, but not everybody likes to add milk to coffee. Fortunately, you can add cinnamon, nutmeg, flavored syrup, and a few more things to make your coffee taste better.

Take a look at the ingredients in the creamer:

Coffee creamers are made of water, sugar, dehydrogenated fat( which accounts for trans fat), Sodium caseinate ( derived from milk ), mono, and diglycerides. So it may dd to calories if you do not stick to the serving size. And from personal experience, it happens more often.

With coffee creamer, a lot of nasties also go into the body. Hydrogenated fats are not a healthy option, and sugar can add to the calories. In my opinion, you should avoid coffee creamer if you are losing weight.

Now, if you are not a fan of black coffee, what to add to make it flavourful? Here I have listed a few of my favorites to add to coffee to make it taste better.

1. Cinnamon

As we know, cinnamon is a spice. It adds a subtle sweet taste to the coffee without adding extra calories. Moreover, it goes very well with the taste of the coffee. Sprinkle a little amount of cinnamon dust on the coffee.

How to dissolve cinnamon in the coffee?


Nutmeg is like cinnamon and also a spice. The oaty and nutty flavor of the nutmeg adds flavor without overpowering the taste of the coffee.

Pro tip: Add a little bit only to add flavor. Adding more than required can mask the coffee flavor.

3. Vanilla extract

Vanilla is the mother of all flavors. Adding a few drops to your cup of joe can enhance the flavor of your coffee.

4. Coconut oil

This is one of my favorites. I love the way coconut oil feels on lips after sipping the coffee. Coconut oil is always there in my pantry. It is good for cooking, good for hair and skin, and great for flavoring coffee.

5. Real Butter

Butter is a great substitute for the coffee creamer. If you want to have a rich coffee without creamer, butter has the ability to give your coffee that rich flavor. Add half a spoon of unsalted butter to the coffee cup and enjoy the rich, delicious flavor.

6. Milk

If you have no allergies and can drink milk without any problems, make your coffee with the milk.

7. Cardamom

Cardamom is my favorite spice. I cannot have my tea without cardamom. So now I have started adding cardamom to my coffee also. Believe me, it tastes the coffee to the next level. However, don’t add too much as the cardamom flavor is robust and can mask the coffee flavor.

8. Real cream

Add milk cream to your cup and taste the richness of milk. If you feel that coffee upsets your stomach, try it with little milk. Milk reduces the acidity of coffee, which makes it a bit easy for the stomach.

9. Pumpkin spice

Pumpkin spice is made of goodies like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and allspice in different proportions. You can spice up your coffee with Pumpkin pie spice.

Add a teaspoon of Pumpkin pie spice to your cup of coffee and mix it. You can add little real cream or sugar if you want. Otherwise, it tastes great even without adding any extras.

10. Add citrus juice

If you are not adding any milk or milk derivative to make coffee, lemon or orange juice can provide a citrus twist to black coffee.

How to make coffee taste better without creamer

These are some of the ideas to make coffee without creamer. I have used most of these alternatives to make my coffee. Hope you would love these additional ways to make coffee.

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