Do you love rice but don’t know how to cook 1 cup of rice perfectly? Then, I will give you all the tips required to make beautiful and tasty rice.

Most of us love rice, and kids adore rice. Even a picky eater eats the rice without getting fussy. Moreover, you can add vegetables and spices of your own choice to make them more nutritious.

White rice isn’t as healthy as brown, wild, basmati, or jasmine rice. However, all these kinds of rice are good for you due to the high amount of fiber and nutrients that they contain.

If you love rice and want to eat it, you’re better off sticking with brown rice. What’re more, studies show that the risk of diabetes is significantly reduced when people swap white rice for brown.

I know brown rice is healthier than white rice. Still, I make white rice more often.

Let us see how to cook 1 cup of rice on the stove.

To cook 1 cup of rice, you will need the following items:

  1. Rice (obviously): 1 cup

2. A pot: big enough to hold the rice after they are cooked

3. Spatula or spoon

4. Salt (optional)

5. Water ( 2 cups)

6. Optional spices or seasonings (i.e., pepper or other spices)

7. A clock or timer (so you don’t forget how long it’s been cooking!)

  How to cook 1 cup of rice

  1. Heat water and rice in a pot on the stovetop until boiling, then add the desired amount of salt (optional) and spices (optional). You can also throw other ingredients into the water to flavor the rice (i.e., carrots, celery, or onion).
  2. Turn the stovetop down to medium-low heat for simmering the rice for up to 15 to 17 minutes.

Pro tip: Never forget to check the instructions on the rice bag. There is sometimes little difference in the amount of water required to cook the rice, depending on the type and quality of the rice.

Cumin rice

Cumin rice is my favorite, and I always add cumin to rice to accompany curries. If you want to prepare rice this way, add one teaspoon of oil to the container before adding the water.

Then put half a teaspoon of cumin seeds in the oil and let them splutter. Switch off the stove and then add water. Switch on the heat, let the water boil, and add rice once the water starts boiling. After this, the recipe is the same as I have described above.

Cumin adds a distinctive aroma to rice, and I am sure you would love it.

What is the Ratio of Water to Rice?

Most of the time, the ratio required for cooking the rice is 1:2. It means for one cup, you will need 2 cups of water on an open stove.

If you are cooking rice in a pressure cooker, then a ratio of 1:1 is required. Also, check the instructions on the rice bag. It will give you a clear picture of the amount of water needed to cook the particular type of rice.

How long does the rice take to cook?

It depends on how you like your rice. If you’d like it moist, then simmer the rice for up to 15 minutes in boiling water until soft and tender.

If you’d like it less moist, then simmer the rice for up to 5 minutes in boiling water until it is soft and tender.

How to cook 1 cup of rice


  • 1 cup Rice
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 teaspoon oil Olive oil or the oil of your chioce
  • 1/2 Teaspoon salt (optional)
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Pepper (Optional)


  • Wash rice 3-4 times. In a bowl with rice, add enough water and swish around. Pour of the water. Do this -4 times.
  • Switch on the stove. Add water and rice to the container and keep it on stove.
  • Add salt, pepper and oil. Give it stir and Let it start boiling.
  • Lower the heat and cover it with tight fitting lid.
  • Let it simmer for around 15 minutes. Switch off the heat and let it cook further in its own steam. After a 8-10 minutes, remove the lid and sfluff the rice using a fork.Be carefullwhile doing this so that the grains of rice don't break. Serve with any curry or side dish of your choice.

How to store cooked rice?

You must store cooked rice properly to save from getting spoiled. First, cool the cooked rice and put it in the container. Then, keep the rice in the refrigerator. Use the rice the next day and don’t keep it for longer.

I have heard not to keep the leftover rice for longer than 24 hours in our households. Consume the cooked rice the next day.

I always cook that much rice that we can consume the same day or 24 hours. Always reheat the rice once only. Don’t store the reheated rice.

Reheated rice should be piping hot before serving.

How to reheat the rice?

There are a few methods to reheat the rice.

  1. Microwave: you can always reheat the rice in the microwave. Sprinkle some water into the rice and cover it with a lid and reheat the rice. If you do not add some water, rice may become too dry and chewy.
  2. In saucepan: This one is the preferred method to reheat the rice. Put your rice in a saucepan and sprinkle some water. Cover with lid and reheat on low heat. Check it after 2-3 minutes and stir. Please don’t keep it for a long time as it may cause the rice to stick to the bottom.
How to cook 1 cup of rice on stove

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