If you’re a fan of mikes and ikes, you might be wondering if the candy is vegan-friendly. The answer is yes or no. Most mikes and ikes are made with vegan ingredients, including sugar, corn syrup, and fruit juice. The only non-vegan ingredient in some mikes and ikes is beeswax, which is used to coat the chewy candies.

However, there are plenty of varieties of mikes and ikes available that don’t use beeswax. Still, from an ethical point of view, Mikes and Ikes are not vegan. There are many dyes used in Mikes and ikes that are tested on animals. Sugar is processed using bone char which is obtained from animals.

are mikes and ikes vegan

Veganism is a way of living that seeks to exclude, as much as possible, all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. It encourages the adoption of plant-based diets and promotes eating high-quality vegan-friendly ingredients instead of animal products.

Ingredients used to make mikes and ikes

Mikes and Ikes are a long-standing treat that many have grown up loving. But can they be enjoyed by vegans? Mikes and Ikes products contain ingredients such as acacia gum and citric acid, as well as flavors made from artificial sources.

Brown rice syrup and natural fruit juice concentrate are also ingredients in the mix, making it a tasty option for those looking for something plant-based. If you are a vegan for health reasons, it should be okay to eat these candies.

But those who are vegan for ethical reasons should avoid Mikes and ikes.

Non-vegan ingredients in Mikes and ikes

At first glance, the ingredients look like they are vegan. But Mikes and ikes contain many non-vegan ingredients like confectioner’s glaze and Beesewax.

Many artificial dyes and colors are tested on animals. Here are the ingredients which may not be vegan.

Confectioner’s glaze: Also known as shellac, this ingredient is made from the secretions of an insect. This may not be directly obtained by killing insects, but people think insects may be exploited for the ingredient.

Confectioners glaze gives candies a shiny, glossy look and is found in many different kinds of candy.

Carnauba Wax: Carnauba wax is derived from a Brazilian palm tree and was previously tested on animals.

This wax gives candy its shiny, smooth texture while helping to prevent sticking during production. It also helps the candy stay fresh for longer, though it can be substituted with other vegan-friendly options like vegetable oil or soybean wax.

Beeswax: Beeswax is used as a coating for Mikes and Ikes to give them their chewy texture. This ingredient is not vegan as it is made from honey bees’ wax.

Ingredients that some people consider Non-vegan

Sugar: Sugar is prepared from sugar cane juice or beet syrup, usually vegan-friendly. However, some companies use bone char during the refining process to decolorize the sugar. Bone char is derived from animal bones and is not suitable for vegans.

Mikes and Ikes are generally viewed as vegan-friendly snacks due to the majority of their ingredients being plant-based. However, some non-vegan ingredients, like confectioner’s glaze, artificial dyes, and sugar.

Alternative vegan snacks that are just as delicious as mikes and ikes

are mikes and ikes vegan

If you’re vegan and looking for a sweet treat just as tasty as mike and ikes, don’t worry! There are plenty of vegan-friendly snacks to choose from.

Many vegan cheese puffs, hard candies, gummy bears, and cereal bars provide a vegan alternative to classic candy so that no one will miss out.

For instance, vegan hard candies such as Fruit Slaps or Storck Sour Suckers are vegan-friendly without sacrificing flavor or texture.

Gummies made with plant-based ingredients like YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears are also great! Vegan licorice options such as Twizzlers Filled Twists Strawberry can satisfy any sweet tooth.

Which Mike and Ike are vegan?

Unfortunately, Mikes and ikes are not vegan. They may not contain non-vegan ingredients from a dietary perspective but contain ingredients that may be tested on animals. Ingredients like confectioner’s glaze, beeswax, food dyes, and sugar.


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