Are you a pizza-loving foodie seeking out the best mozzarella cheese substitute? Are you trying to find that perfect balance of cheesy, gooey goodness while maintaining optimal nutritional value? In this post, I have researched the best mozzarella substitutes for pizza.

So read on to discover which cheeses we think to make up the top Mozzarella substitutes, what properties they possess, and how these can fit into your favorite pizzas.


Best mozzarella substitutes for Pizza

When swapping out mozzarella cheese on pizzas, plenty of options are available. From nutty and flavorful Gruyere to creamy ricotta, here’s an introduction to some of the best substitutes for mozzarella cheese.

Gruyere has a rich, distinctive flavor that adds a beautiful creaminess and nuttiness when melted on top of pizzas.

Ricotta cheese also yields a creamy texture with added protein and calcium, making it ideal for vegetarian slices. Monterey Jack is an excellent option for those looking for something milder with its buttery notes. Finally, provolone has a slightly smoky taste, perfect for adding depth of flavor.

Here are the best mozzarella substitutes for pizza:

1. Cottage Cheese

Ricotta as best mozzarella cheese substitute

Cottage cheese is an excellent alternative to mozzarella for pizza as it melts just as well and can be used sparingly to top a pizza.

Look for low-fat versions to get the texture and softness without being too laden with fats. The mild flavor of cottage cheese pairs well with tomato sauce so you won’t miss the funkiness of mozzarella.

While its crumbly texture can make it tricky to sprinkle on the pizza, some cooks mix it with cream cheese to create a more cohesive topping. You can make hundreds of combinations with cottage cheese, so consider it the next time you want to add something unique and special to your pizza!

2. Feta

Best Mozzarella Substitutes For Pizza

If you don’t have mozzarella and trying to switch up your pizza game, feta is a great cheese substitute for mozzarella.

Feta is a slightly salty, crumbly cheese made from sheep’s milk or goat’s milk and has plenty of flavors while still being subtle enough not to overpower other toppings.

When substituting feta for mozzarella on your pizza, only use a small amount, so it doesn’t taint the rest of the toppings with salt. Try sprinkling the feta before or after you bake your pizza. Adding it precooked will make it too soft, but putting it on fresh won’t melt as much as mozzarella.

Feta is the perfect cheese substitute for pizzas if you want something unique and creamy with a bit of added saltiness.

3. Ricotta

Best Mozzarella Substitutes For Pizza

Ricotta has a mild, sweet flavor that won’t overpower your pizza toppings. Its soft consistency and high moisture content melt quickly when cooked.

Ricotta works exceptionally well with sautéed vegetables or a combination of sautéed vegetables and sausage. The ricotta’s sweetness helps cut through some of the heavier flavors. It can your best mozzarella substitute for pizza topping.

For an added boost, sprinkle some extra parmesan to achieve that classic Italian taste.

4. Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese is an excellent substitute for mozzarella on pizza. Swiss Cheese also melts beautifully, making it great for pizzas with lots of toppings or short baking times.

Many cooks enjoy the distinctive holes in Swiss Cheese; they give added texture to your pizza. The subtle flavor of the Cheese complements oregano and Italian seasoning very well, so adding these extras will make your pizza even tastier.

Swiss Cheese is also affordable and easy to find at most grocery stores.

5. Provolone cheese: the best mozzarella substitute for pizza

Best Mozzarella Substitutes For Pizza

Provolone cheese is a creamy, mild white cheese that works perfectly as a mozzarella substitute for pizza. Its mild flavor won’t overpower the other ingredients, and its creamy texture will melt beautifully when cooked in the oven.

Provolone is also very versatile – it can be used to top traditional pizzas with pepperoni or sausage, or it can be used to enhance the flavor of vegetarian pizzas.

Make sure to cut the Cheese into thin slices, so it melts evenly and adds subtle smokiness and nuttiness to your pizza.

6. White cheddar

White cheddar is the perfect substitute for your pizza if you want something with a bit more flavor than mozzarella.

This Cheese has a mild yet sharp and tangy flavor that stands up to bold sauces or toppings. White cheddar melts quickly when heated, making it perfect for pizza toppings.

If used in the correct amount, cheddar cheese can be the best substitute for pizza.

7. Mild Gouda

Mild Gouda is a semi-firm cheese with a soft, nutty flavor. It’s perfect for pizza because it melts evenly and adds an extra layer of creaminess that compliments the other toppings.

Mild Gouda’s slightly sweet taste pairs nicely with savory flavors, making it an excellent mozzarella cheese substitute.

Mild Gouda is more complex and denser than mozzarella cheese. It is a young cheese that should not be smoked.

8. Pepper Jack

Pepper Jack or Monterey Jack cheese is a type of Cheese that is made from shredded cheddar cheese and spicy peppers.

Depending on the brand, it has a mild to medium heat level, so it’s great for adding a kick to your pizza without being too overwhelming.

The Cheese melts nicely, creating an even layer of cheesy goodness with just enough spice.

Pepper Jack is best paired with mushrooms or with a variety of vegetables. It also makes for a great topping on veggie pizzas.

The best thing about pepper jack is its texture and appearance, similar to mozzarella cheese. So, it can be one of the best mozzarella substitutes for pizza.

9. Muenster

Muenster cheese is an American semi-soft cheese that shares many similarities with the Swiss and Gouda varieties, but its distinctive orange rind gives it a unique flavor and appearance.

It has a mild, sweet, nutty flavor that pairs well with other ingredients on your pizza. Muenster melts evenly when cooked, so it’s excellent for thin-crust pizzas or those topped with extra vegetables or meats.

10. Havarti cheese

Havarti is a Danish semi-soft cheese with a smooth texture and mild flavor. It melts quickly, creating a thin layer of creamy goodness with every bite.

Havarti’s subtle taste makes it an excellent substitute for mozzarella on pizza, as it won’t overpower the other ingredients.

11. Fontina cheese

Fontina cheese is an Italian semi-soft cheese with a slightly salty flavor and creamy texture. It melts quickly, making it great for pizzas. The mild flavor of Fontina complements the flavors of other ingredients well, so it’s perfect for pizzas with peppers, onions, mushrooms, and other flavorful ingredients.

Fontina is also an excellent choice for vegetarian pizzas, as it won’t overpower the subtle flavors of the vegetables.

12. Gruyere cheese

Gruyere cheese is a Swiss semi-hard cheese with a mild flavor and creamy texture. Its nutty flavor makes it ideal for pizzas with meat toppings or more decadent sauces, while its slightly sweet taste pairs wonderfully with vegetables. Gruyere melts quickly when heated, creating an even layer of cheesy goodness on every bite.

It’s also the perfect Cheese for making baked pizzas or calzones.

A comparison of texture between traditional mozzarella and its substitutes

Choosing a mozzarella substitute can be tricky since you want to find a cheese with the closest texture to the traditional one. Great substitutes will melt and stretch like real mozzarella and should have a rich, milky flavor.

Comparatively, Parmesan cheese is much more complex and crumbly, making it useless when melting down as a pizza topping. However, it offers great taste and crunch when added to your favorite pie.

On the other hand, provolone and ricotta provide creamier textures for your pizzas. Although they may lack flavor compared to the traditional choice of mozzarella cheese, they still offer a delicious alternative that melts just fine.

Ultimately, replacing mozzarella with any of these alternatives will depend entirely on personal taste preferences, so it’s essential to experiment with different combos until you find what works best for you.

What can I use in place of Cheese for pizza?

Plenty of delicious alternatives exist if you’re looking for a way to enjoy pizza without Cheese. For example, you could use pesto or tomato sauces as the base instead of Cheese and then top it with peppers, mushrooms, or spinach.

You can also try adding vegan cheeses such as vegan cream cheese or tofu and vegan-friendly meat substitutes such as vegan pepperoni.

You could try topping your pizza with fresh fruits like pineapple or mango for a sweet twist.

Which is the best mozzarella substitute for pizza?

The best mozzarella substitutes for pizza are provolone, cheddar cheese, Gruyere, mild gouda, ricotta, and many more. It depends on the pizza you are preparing or the cheese you have in your kitchen.

Some pizzas provide a perfect rubbery texture after melting, and some don’t melt that well.