Can you make ground coffee at home? Yes, of course, you can prepare ground coffee at home. You will need a coffee grinder, coffee beans to make coffee grounds. What if you don’t have a coffee grinder at home? Don’t worry, you can still grind your coffee at home with the basic items available in your kitchen.

How to prepare ground coffee at home?

How to prepare ground coffee at home

To prepare the coffee grounds, you can choose any type of coffee beans. The strength of coffee beans depends a lot on the way you choose your coffee. There are a lot of varieties of coffee but a larger portion is divided into two types of coffees, Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica: Arabica coffee has delicate flavors and is grown at temperatures between 15 to 24-degree Celcius. Most of the cafes keep Arabica coffee due to its taste and fruity flavor.

Robusta: Robusta coffee on the other side is not as fragile as Arabica and has a higher percentage of caffeine which makes it a bit bitter. Most of the time it is sold as a blended form in Arabica coffee.

Here are the few steps you should follow while choosing the coffee. 

1. It should be fresh roasted: If you are looking to taste the best coffee, look for its roasting date on the label. Though it is said that coffee beans have no expiry date, with time, the coffee loses its freshness.

2. If you are buying the coffee from Deli, ask them for the roasting date; it is good to know the roasting date of coffee. Freshly roasted coffee is the best. Avoid the coffee roasted earlier than three weeks. 

While sipping a coffee cup with milk in it, it isn’t easy to get all the coffee’s subtle flavors. But while sipping a cup of espresso or black coffee, you can taste the flavors better.

How to grind coffee at home

There are a few ways to grind coffee at home. The easiest way is to grind coffee beans in a coffee grinder. It is the easiest way. If you don’t want to use a coffee grinder, here are other ways to grind coffee beans at home. 

1. Mortar and pestle

Mortar and pestle is a traditional method of grinding spices and herbs. If used properly, this method can produce a fine powder of coffee. 

How to prepare ground coffee at home with the use of mortar and pestle 

  • Add a small number of coffee beans to the mortar. Coffee beans are ground to the powder by the force of a pestle. 
  • Use one of your hands to hold the mortar and another to hold the pestle and grind the coffee beans with pressure.
  • Crush the coffee beans with the pressure and start grinding with the rolling motion.
  • Also, add coffee beans to the mortar and continue grinding the coffee beans with pressure.
  • You will be able to grind coffee beans into a fine powder.

2. Grind with a blender

You can easily grind coffee beans in a blender. I learned this after I ground my spices in the blender. Once I bought whole spices. But could not grind them in a grinder ( it stopped working). I used my blender to grind the whole spices.

Same way, I started grinding coffee beans in the blender, it took some time, but I was able to grind the coffee beans into a powder and make a tasty cup of coffee.

How to prepare ground coffee at home with blenders?

  • Add some coffee beans into the blender and start with the lowest speed. Don’t grind them in one go. Give some time in between grinds. 
  • Go on grinding the coffee beans until you get the desired powder.

A blender is one of the best ways to grind coffee if you don’t have a coffee grinder. 

3. Rolling pin method

A rolling pin is used for crushing a few spices when required immediately in small methods. I use a rolling pin to crush cardamom seeds to be used in puddings and a few cheese dishes.

Also, a rolling pin is used a lot in grinding roasted cumin seeds.  Due to its rolling action, a rolling pin can be used to grind coffee beans

How to prepare ground coffee at home with rolling pins?

Rolling pins can also be used to crush and grind coffee grounds.

  • Add the required amount of coffee beans in a plastic bag. I have found the freezer bags work better.
  • Place the plastic bag on a flat surface; you can use a wooden cutting board as a flat surface. Put a tea towel on the flat laying plastic bag. 
  • Start crushing the coffee beans with the rolling pin. Coffee beans make some noise while braking. 
  • When you feel that coffee has got crushed, start rolling your rolling pin back and forth. Rolling action will grind the coffee beans into powder. You can remove the tea towel after crushing coffee beans.
  • Continue rolling the pin until you get the desired consistency of coffee powder. 


You can ground coffee at home without a coffee grinder. Some of these methods can even help you grind coffee without any machines.

Traditional methods can be used to make coffee powder to have fresh coffee grounds for getting subtle flavors.

How to make a coffee without a coffee maker?

How to prepare ground coffee at home.

How to prepare ground coffee at home?