Can you freeze pancake batter? Yes, you can freeze pancake batter as a last resort, but it will give you dense pancakes. It will not change the flavor of the pancakes, but you will get a different mouthfeel. Pancakes prepared from frozen batter are not fluffy.

can you freeze pancake batter?

I have to freeze the batter a lot as I make only a few pancakes for my daughter. So instead of throwing the batter, I freeze it in small portions in zip locks.

The great thing about making pancakes is that the batter can be made in advance and stored in either the fridge or freezer. When ready to cook them, take the batter out of the fridge and thaw it. It is a great way to prepare pancakes for breakfast or brunch on a hectic weekday morning.

How to freeze pancake batter?

Freezing the pancake batter is easy, and you can freeze it as you freeze other food items.

  • Pour the desired amount of batter into a freezer bag. If your batter doesn’t fill the bag, fold the bag to the point of the batter.
  • Squeeze out all the excess air and seal the bag tightly
  • Label with date and contents
  • Place in the freezer on a flat surface
  • To cook, let the batter thaw overnight in the fridge or at room temperature. Then, cook as desired. If you are in a hurry, you can thaw the batter in the warm batter.

Alternatively, measure out desired pancake size with a measuring cup and pour directly onto the hot griddle surface. Cook until golden brown on both sides.

How long does pancake batter last?

You can freeze pancake batter for up to three months in an airtight container.

You can also refrigerate the pancake batter and use it for 2-5 days. However, don’t refrigerate the pancake batter for a more extended period as it will go bad after that.

Never let the batter sit on the countertop for a more extended period. It will spoil quickly due to the eggs and milk used to make the batter.

As soon as you have prepared your pancakes, transfer your batter to the fridge or freeze the batter.

Can you freeze banana pancake batter?

Like regular pancake batter, banana pancake batter can be frozen for future use. The great thing about making pancakes is that the batter can be made in advance and stored in either the fridge or freezer.

If you have prepared more pancakes, you can refrigerate them to use the next day. sometimes I make more pancakes and refrigerate for up to 5 days. You can just heat the pancakes in a pan or skillet when you want to eat.

How long can you freeze pancake batter?

You can freeze pancake batter in an airtight container for up to three months. To freeze pancake batter, simply pour the batter into a freezer bag and seal it tight.

How to prepare pancakes from thawed pancake batter?

Once you have defrosted the batter, you will need to stir it well. Then, heat a lightly oiled skillet over medium-high heat and pour ΒΌ cup of batter for each pancake onto the griddle. Once the pancakes start bubbling on top and are golden brown around the edges, they are ready to be flipped.

Cook another side of the pancake and remove it from the skillet or pan. Serve with syrup or honey or the way you like.


If you love pancakes and hate to waste any leftover food, then freezing the batter or pancakes is the best option. After thawing the mixture in the refrigerator or on the countertop with some warm water, you can make pancakes.

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